eCollection: PCBA Cleaning


Knowledge Package “PCBA Cleaning”.

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eCollection: PCBA Cleaning

Do you clean your PCBs?
If the reliability of your electronic assemblies is critical, removing impurities from the board’s surface as well as underneath the components is necessary. This eCollection provides insight to why pcb cleaning is important and how electrochemical migration and leakage currents can lead to failures.


Use our knowledge package on the topic of PCBA Cleaning in the next four weeks and benefit from the experience and expertise of our ZESTRON experts.

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Training Online on Demand

Training Online on Demand: PCBA Cleaning

Improve your knowledge with our online training on:
  • Reasons for Cleaning Assemblies
  • Electrochemical Migration
  • Standard Specification
  • Process Stabilization by Cleaning
  • Bonding
  • Cleaning Management


Whitepaper: PCBA Cleaning

PCB Cleaning: Process and result assurance, data acquisition and traceability Numerous forms of process data can be recorded during a cleaning process. The two general parameters that can be assigned are time and temperature. [More ...] Handling Technical Cleanliness in Electronic Production Technical cleanliness: The risk of electronic assembly particle contamination and its impact on any upstream production process. [More ...]

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Your Advantages the next 4 weeks

  • Free of charge: 30 days free access to the eCollection PCBA Cleaning (Access on the Training on Demand including technical articles
  • Practical orientation: Our experts teach you best-practice cases in the lecture and give you tips in the coaching
  • Flexible timing: Watch the online Training at any time during the next four weeks and as often as you like
  • Comprehensive: Expand your knowledge with our corresponding technical articles
  • Individual coaching:You can take Advantage of personal, customized coaching on the subject over these four weeks