PCB Cleaning: Process and result assurance, data acquisition and traceability

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[Stefan Strixner]

Numerous forms of process data can be recorded during a cleaning process. The two general parameters that can be assigned are time and temperature.

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When cleaning electronic PCBs, demand is increasing for the collection of process data and the assurance of its traceability. This not only enables advantages for customers of electronics manufacturers, but also for the manufacturers themselves, who will then be able to improve their processes on the basis of the data raised.


Stefan Strixner Principal Engineer, ZESTRON EUROPE Stefan Strixner studied Technical Chemistry and has been assisting operators since the business division ZESTRON was founded. He has managed responsibly the installation of several hundred cleaning processes. Among other things, he advises and supports the sales partners as well as subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. He was co-responsible for setting up the technical centres at the global locations of ZESTRON and took charge here of the on-site induction and training of the employees with posts of responsibility at those locations.

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