eCollection: Corrosion in Power Electronics


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eCollection: Corrosion in Power Electronics

Failures induced by corrosion mechanisms, such as electrochemical migration (ECM), are a growing challenge for power electronics manufacturers.

In this webinar, our expert Stefan Strixner will highlight the failure mechanisms in power electronics, how they occur in practice and the possibilities to avoid and/or remedy them.


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Webinar: Corrosion in Power Electronics

Improve your knowledge with our Webinar on:
  • Failures in power electronics: what causes failures and what role do material and humidity play?
  • In practice: Discussion of specific case study
  • Remedial measures: how to avoid electrochemical migration (ECM) and the anodic migration phenomenon (AMP)


Whitepaper: Corrosion in Power Electronics

Moisture and material-induced failure mechanisms in power electronics The whitepaper discusses the impact of moisture on the reliability of power modules in renewable energy systems and electric vehicles.
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Influence of pH-Value on the Mechanism of Electrochemical Migration Electrochemical migration (ECM) as the most frequent cause of failure of electronic assemblies under moisture or dew load.
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