Verification of Ionic Contamination under Low-Standoff Components

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[Dr. Helmut Schweigart, Freddy Gilbert]

Case study: Application of analytical methods such as ion equivalence measurement (ROSE test) or ion chromatography (IC) to low-substance components.

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Although minimising the component size has led to increased functionality with the same or even smaller assembly size, it has also led to a reduction in standoff among the components. As a result, in most cases an optical cleanliness verification at these locations is made difficult or is no longer possible. In order to nevertheless provide access for purity detection, especially with regard to ionic impurities in these narrow gaps, extractive analytical methods such as ion equivalence measurement (ROSE test) or ion chromatography (IC) are used.

In this study, the influence of temperature, extraction time and proportion of isopropanol in the extraction medium on the ion extraction will be enlightened.


Dr. Helmut Schweigart Head of Reliability & Surfaces, ZESTRON EUROPE Dr. Helmut Schweigart obtained his doctorate for research into the reliability of electronic sub-assemblies, and he has been employed at ZESTRON Europe since the early days of the company. He is now Head of Reliability & Surfaces Team. He is also a member of the Board of Management at GfKORR (Gesellschaft für Korrosionsschutz - a company specialising in corrosion inhibitors) as well as an active member of GUS (Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation - an environmental simulation company) and of the IPC. He has already published numerous technical articles.
Freddy Gilbert Technology Analyst, ZESTRON EUROPE Freddy Gilbert studied material sciences at the Graduate School of engineering of the University of Montpellier and the Technical University of Berlin. In his position as Technology Analyst in the ZESTRON Reliability & Surfaces team, he organises and conducts Technology Coachings focused on failure analysis, surface analysis as well as risk assessment.  

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