Technical Cleanliness in Electronics Manufacturing

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[Stefan Strixner]

Revised New Edition 2024
Discover the risk of particle contamination in the electronics industry and effective cleaning methods. Request now to meet customers’ expectations and reduce particle loads!

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Revised New Edition 2024

The risk of particle contamination in the electronics industry and corresponding countermeasures

The term technical cleanliness is most closely associated with the automotive industry, but cleanliness testing according to the VDA 19 testing standard is also used in other industries such as hydraulics, mechanical engineering and medical technology. Although often neglected, particle contamination is increasingly associated with printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. Due to ever smaller contact distances and higher power densities, the risk of failure can increase dramatically even in the presence of small amounts of particles, which has further increased customers‘ expectations and requirements for electronic products. The following article provides an overview of the potential risks of particles on electronic circuit boards, how they are recorded and relevant standards. In addition, basic options for achieving technical cleanliness requirements, such as a cleaning method to reduce particle pollution, are presented.

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