New Cleaning Process Increases Capacity and Reduces Costs

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Learn how TQ-Systems Durach GmbH optimized their electronic PCB solvent cleaning process with support from MBtech and ZESTRON. Request now to enhance your cleaning process!

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TQ-Systems Durach GmbH wanted to optimise its electronic PCB solvent cleaning process. Multiple solutions were found with the support of cleaning systems manufacturer MBtech and cleaning
specialist ZESTRON.

As one of the Germany’s biggest electronics manufacturers, the TQSystems provides a wide range of industries with innovative, tailormade solutions, from conception to completion. The expansive product portfolio includes, but is not limited to: electronic PCBs, embedded systems, electric motors and E-bike drives, Smart Home and building automation solutions, flight radios and transponders. TQ-Systems was established as a 2-man company in 1994, and now consists of around 1,650 employees at 14 sites. In their Durach location, the TQ-Systems manufactures various electronic PCBs to be installed in warm water treatment systems and seat and hair dryer heaters. Part of the production process requires that these PCBs are cleaned in multi-chamber dipping machine, which has been specially purchased for this purpose.


Christina Eifert

Technology Analyst & Training Coordinator, ZESTRON EUROPE

Christina Eifert graduated as an engineer in technical chemistry and has been with ZESTRON Europe for several years. She recently joined the Academy and Reliability & Surfaces team as a technology analyst. She conducts technology coaching on the subjects of risk assessment and surface and damage analysis. In addition, she is responsible for the preparation of the annual program, the coordination of events, the acquisition of speakers and the continuous quality assurance of training sessions and the general conditions.

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