eCollection: Cleaning before Conformal Coating


Knowledge Package “Cleaning before Conformal Coating”.

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eCollection: Cleaning before Conformal Coating

The coating quality has to be impeccable in order to guarantee the long-term function of electronic assemblies, including under extreme conditions. The assembly surface has to meet high cleanliness standards. This online training addresses what influences different production residues and dirt can have on the reliability of your coating and which directives and IPC standards are applicable for surface cleanliness. You will learn, why electronic assemblies should be clean before coating.


Use our knowledge package on the topic of Cleaning before Conformal Coating in the next four weeks and benefit from the experience and expertise of our ZESTRON experts.

Practical and flexible timing.

Training Online on Demand

Training Online on Demand: Cleaning before Conformal Coating

Improve your knowledge with our online training on:
  • Influences on Assemblies
  • Electrochemical Migration
  • Leakage Current
  • Coating Failures
  • Minimizing Risks by Cleaning
  • Analysis and Testing


Whitepaper: Cleaning before Conformal Coating

Protective Coating – Field failures and Protection Concepts This whitepaper collection contains a selection of papers discussing field failures caused by climactic stresses and the selection of a protective concept. A special focus is set on the topics electrochemical migration (ECM) and protective coating. [More ...] Quality test for susceptibility of encapsulated power electronics to harmful gas corrosion and humidity Cracks, but also penetration weak points in molds and pottings of low voltage electronics and power electronic devices result in a drastic shortening of the service life or, in most cases, the immediate failure of the entire circuit. [More ...]

Your Advantages

Your Advantages the next 4 weeks

  • Free of charge: 30 days free access to the eCollection Cleaning before Conformal Coating (Access on the Training on Demand including technical articles
  • Practical orientation: Our experts teach you best-practice cases in the lecture and give you tips in the coaching
  • Flexible timing: Watch the online Training at any time during the next four weeks and as often as you like
  • Comprehensive: Expand your knowledge with our corresponding technical articles
  • Individual coaching:You can take Advantage of personal, customized coaching on the subject over these four weeks